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Edge City Collective


Guitar-Based Improvisational Pieces Kick-Off Trilogy

Founded by guitarist Scott Schaffer, the Edge City Collective is a confederation of musicians committed to creating improvisational music in recorded form -- an outlet for musical creativity in an age that rewards conformity and familiarity. Their first CD, Guitarrasalto, offers fifteen original compositions with heavy improvisational content, built on the theory that good music must take risks and please both the mind and the soul. One or more guitars are central to each piece on the recording, as Schaffer and guitarist Jon Madof weave spontaneous lines and melodies (sometimes with heavy delay or other effects) among bass, accordion or other sparse accompaniment. What is remarkable is that on most tracks you may be hearing the first and only performance of a piece -- truly the act of creation is captured for the listener's enjoyment. If this approach strikes a nerve, be sure to check out Guitarrasalto and give the Collective a critical listen.


Formed in 1999, the Collective includes musicians and composers from various disciplines, including jazz, classical, experimental and world music - people committed to developing new musical ideas through collaboration. Guitarist Jon Madof's credits include the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, the widely praised Taylor Madof Group, Baby Head and an array of clubs and festivals in the Phiadelphia-New York axis. Guitarist Scott Schaffer plays eight instruments and has recorded and published over 50 original compositions, and has performed with multi-genre bands in Boston, Pittsburgh, Woodstock and Philadelphia.

The Edge City Collective originally planned a series of three recordings (the "Edge City Trilogy"), each with a different theme, following a process of evolution. The second recording, which will include several additional musicians, is in production now and is about one-third complete.

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