The Undiscovered: Ed Vick

Ed Vick


Instrumentals Blending Rock & Jazz

Taking advantage of 20 years of guitar playing experience, Connecticut-based musician Ed Vick has recently released Set In Motion, an instrumental collection of eight smooth jazz and rock tracks. Interestingly, tracks such as "Feeling Better" have a more "fusiony" feel, as Vick uses an overdriven sound and some deft string skipping to create a memorable solo. "Catwalk" features flowing chromatics and some clean comping, while the following track, "Journeys" reintroduces the overdriven, sustained guitar sound once again - to great effect. The use of multiple guitar tones within a track certainly enhance the listenability of the CD - add to that a strong sense of melody, along with a solid production, and you've instrumental record that really grows on you, and that will certainly stand up to multiple listenings.


Ed originally got started in music when he was seduced by the sound of the guitar. Once he heard "Stairway To Heaven" he knew he had to become a guitarist. His early favorites included Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Ed started out playing clubs and parties, but in the late '80s, he developed his songwriting with a progressive metal outfit called Emissary. The band played extensively, and opened for groups such as Dream Theater and Dokken. When Emissary disbanded, Ed developed an interest in jazz and blues, which led to his joining a jazz/funk ensemble called Mixx. His jazzier influences include Al Di Meola, Frank Gambale, George Benson, Allan Holdsworth, John Coltrane and Miles David.

Vick currently teaches over twenty students each week. His future goals include making a living with his music and being the best player he can be.

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