The Undiscovered: Ed Durivage

Ed Durivage


Mixed Bag Of Metallic Instrumentals

New York area guitarist Ed Durivage submitted a CD-R copy of his album Incoming, which features twelve instrumentals ranging from bluesy metal, traditional metal, techno metal, funk metal... well if you're sensing a metal theme here, that's probably the common stylistic thread running through the material. Even the ballad tempo tracks (such as "Forever Good-Bye") wouldn't be out of place on a Judas Priest/Scorpions record. A couple of tracks Durivage describes as ambient are the exceptions; they offer a completely different kind of listening experience. Hopefully Durivage can hook up with a real drummer in the future, as music this heavy almost demands the pounding throb of an experienced heavy metal drummer. His thematic ideas are strong, his soloing fits into the compositions quite well, and his technique allows him to develop ideas both thoughtfully structured along with those displaying a sense of abandon - a fine line that, if it can be walked, yields promising results.


Ed was initially attracted to music through the children's show The Banana Splits, and his grandfather later indulged the youngster with a Montgomery Wards amp and a cheap little sunburst Strat. He learned songs by Tommy James, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and UFO and recorded his first cassette at the age of 14. Ed continued to play and write songs until medical problems pushed guitar playing to the background. After starting a company to build high performance music PCs and servers in 1998, he got back into writing and recording songs, and eventually picked up the guitar again - and found himself hooked. The consequences of 10 to 12 years of not playing had to be undone, and Ed now finds himself with new life and energy for his six-string friend.

In addition to working on material for his next CD, Durivage is considering starting a band with his brothers Steve (guitar/vocals) and Tom (drums).

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