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Swedes Push Virtuosity & Dynamics

Submitting a four song demo CD-R entitled Someone's Looking For Attention are the members of Dynamic, a trio out of Malmoe, Sweden led by guitarist John Huldt. Johan Rydberg (drums) and Anders Lindskog (bass) round out the threesome, who play instrumental rock with an emphasis on great playing and, of course, dynamics, something they could not find in the death metal scene. An overall heaviness is still evident on the four songs, while Lindskog adds his more funky style of playing, contributing to a nice contrast in sound - especially from Huldt's and Rydberg's roots in heavy metal. Huldt's got ample technique, so guitar freaks will love what's brewing in Sweden. Hopefully, a full-length, professionally produced CD is in their near future.


John started his musical career on piano at the age of ten under heavy pressure from his well-meaning mom, who said he would appreciate it when he grew older (which he of course did). He played the piano until age 14, when the huge Nirvana/grunge wave hit Sweden and John became more interested in playing guitar instead of piano. He got his first electric guitar for a Christmas present and started a Nirvana cover band with a friend. About a year later he was hooked on metal bands like Slayer and the death metal scene. John played in a lot of local metal bands and when he started in college he discovered Yngwie Malmsteen - which was what made John want to become really good as a guitarist. Later on he heard Steve Vai and Van Halen, which also had a huge effect on his playing. Today, John is trying to broaden his views on music and trying to learn different styles of music, and of course become a better technical player as well.

Dynamic is continuing to write and record new songs for a full-length CD.

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