The Undiscovered: DrewV



Chunky Guitar Style Tone

Looking for a chunky guitar style tone so thick, you have to eat it with a fork? Austin, Texas axe slinger DrewV (rhymes with groovy - coincidence? We think not) pulled together some of his instrumental tracks for a CD-R compilation entitled Leddfinger. DrewV pulled out his trusty drum machine and let the fingers go for it ,as he pushes his Marshall and Boogie amplification past all reasonable points of safety. Tracks such as "Energy Light Matter" feature extended jams over medium tempo grooves, while a 'number' such as "Reefer Madness" will take your next bong hit to the next level of unconsciousness. "Moons Of Mars" actually transports you to Mars as you ponder the wisdom of leaving a green and blue planet for a red and orange planet. Get the Ledd out!


At age 6 or 7, Drew received a gift for Christmas - it was a child sized, nylon string, complete with detachable push button chord maker, shiny and brightly colored - a plastic Mickey Mouse guitar! It was semi-tunable and actually very playable, at least, from a child's point of view. He fell in love with it, and played it until it fell apart. Only years later, at age 13, would Drew rediscover the wonder of guitar music. He has now been playing guitar for over four decades, with no end in sight. Drew has completed five full length CDs, 3 CD singles, a 45 rpm single and 3 music videos ("The Shapes Of Things", "Live In The Future" and "George Harrison - A Tribute". He plays, writes, records, mixes and masters his recordings at his studio in Austin.

Current and future plans include writing and recording more guitar music and producing more music videos.

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Drew Villegan
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