The Undiscovered: Dr. Frankenshred

Dr. Frankenshred


Heavy Metal Guitar Instrumentals

Arizona-based Dr. Frankenshred (the band) recently submitted an advance CD-R copy of their upcoming heavy metal instrumental release entitled Evil Shred. Featuring the explosive guitar playing of Dr. Frankenshred (the man), the eight tracks offer not evil per se, but dark, ominous melodies, crashing, aggressive metal rhythms, and a heaping helping of haunting fretburning designed to hasten stereo speaker meltdown. Songs like "Night Of The Bat", "Judge Shred" and "Curse Of The Baron" are guaranteed head-bangers that demonstrate the pointlessness of the growling, cartoonish vocals found on many metal releases. Dr. Frankenshred prefers the powerful, expressive voice of the guitar -- a refreshing and compelling alternative.


Formed in 1996, Dr. Frankenshred (the band) is a three piece instrumental group from Phoenix, Arizona consisting of Dr. Frankenshed (the man) on guitar, World War Spencer on bass and Kelly Kuskie on drums. After ten months of rehearsals and numerous live shows, which included opening for Tony MacAlpine, Lynch Mob, Fates Warning and Sacred Reich, Dr. Frankenshred released its first, self-titled demo in 1997, allowing a wider audience to get a taste of what the band is about. This led to a spot on a Guitar 2001 CD compilation produced by guitarist/editor Michael Knight.

Currently, Dr. Frankenshred is preparing to release Evil Shred, their first full length CD. Dr. Frankenshred is also featured on 6 tracks of the latest St. Madness CD Release "God Bless America" on Nasty Prick Records which was released October, 1998. He is also preparing to mix 15 more songs on the next St. Madness release, tentatively titled "Scare the World", to be released in January of 1999.

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Dr. Frankenshred
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