The Undiscovered: Donni Fury

Donni Fury


Electrifying Live Performer Offers Instrumental Work

Donni Fury's instrumental CD-R, Retro Active is rife with swirling guitar textures, production surprises, and bombastic fretwork complete with lightning quick runs and biting solos. His Hendrix meets Foster/Paich/Lynn instrumental cover of the classic "Groovin'" puts all of the above into play. Using only his guitars and guitar synthesizers (and a number of effects boxes - phasers, flangers and the like), Fury has developed a unique style which creates a broad spectrum of orchestral sounds. If you like the sound of furious guitar, you'll probably be hooked into the sounds and moods Fury can put between the speakers.


Born and raised in New York City, Donni's electrifying live performances have delighted audiences throughout the northeast. In addition, he composes and produces music of all styles ranging from pop, ballads, dance, progressive and heavy metal to radio and T.V. commercials and film underscores.

Fury dedicated Retro Active to the spirit and memory of Jimi Hendrix, who inspired him beyond what words could ever express.

Contact Information

Donni Fury
6033 60th Drive
Maspeth, NY 11378
United States