The Undiscovered: Dirt



Jazz/Fusion Quartet From Down Under

Featuring a selection of through composed music along with tracks of a more repetitive nature help balance out the listening experience on One Thing Led To Another, the latest CD from the Australian jazz/fusion quartet Dirt. Led by guitarist David Innocente (who wrote or co-wrote 9 of the 12 cuts on the disc), the group delivers a wonderfully loose, live-in-the-studio feel - probably because the tracks were recorded at Innocente's home with mobile recording equipment. Guitar-driven to be sure, Innocente has chops to kill for, marking his fluid solos with dynamics that build from sweet to ferocious, and back again, over juggernaut drumming and in-the-pocket bass. He's joined on the CD by Thom Mann on drums, Ben Fuller on bass and Chris Soole on tenor sax - check out these guys if you dig a new fusion experience.


The genesis of Dirt was in the year 2000 as a vehicle for David to play and record his own compositions. The group began as a trio, but was expanded to a quartet two years ago. Dirt started gigging quickly, and developed a repertoire of mostly originals and some cover tunes. The quartet always tries to put a twist and original spin on the covers they do (witness "Delilah" and "Caravan" off One Thing Led To Another). David considers himself heavily influenced by artists such as Wayne Krantz and John Scofield. The other members of Dirt also love jazz, but are also influenced by funk and rock music, striving to skillfully blend all three.

Innocente and the other members of Dirt continue to do shows and promote their new CD.

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