The Undiscovered: Demitrius Barbito

Demitrius Barbito


Guitarist Draws Instrumental Influence From Ancient Writings

Anaheim, California's Demitrius Barbito's newest demo project is a CD-R entitled Jammin For Jesus. A follow-up to his last project, Background Music For The Bible, guitarist Barbito again draws his inspiration from ancient writings in the Bible. As he explains, "Some of the scriptures are thousands of years old and invoke feelings that can only be expressed in music." Nevertheless, most of the six cuts on the CD-R have recorded sounds samples (voices, gunfire, explosions) which set the mood for each piece. Featuring bare-bones production and arrangements, each cut on the project features a rhythmic groove and extended, 'jammy' improvisations. Barbito's playing showcases his frequent use of fast, exotic lines played with headbanging intensity and technical flash.


Demitrius began playing guitar 15 years ago and over time has come to believe that great guitar playing has to be inspired. His early influences included players such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Roth, Al Di Meola, and Randy Rhoads, as well as some relatively obscure players. After distributing several hundred copies of his debut project, Demitrius Background Music For The Bible, decided to keep writing and recording new music. He currently plays and records with a guitar that must be frequently retuned and an RP-1 that's seen better days. Demitrius also plays the bass parts with his guitar and taps drum parts on his Roland TR-707 drum machine.

Barbito plans to distribute this new project for the rest of 1998 while he begins work on his latest effort.

Contact Information

Demitrius Barbito
1670 W. Broadway #15D
Anaheim, CA 92802
United States