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DeGennaro Guitars


Makin' 'Em & Playin' 'Em

DeGennaro Guitars is both a custom guitar builder and a band, which is led by Michigan guitarist and master craftsman Bill DeGennaro, who also sings, plays bass and picks mandolin. As you might expect, all stringed instruments played on his new CD, Some People, are handmade by DeGennaro Guitars (electric guitars, acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric mandolin, bass guitar). Full of musical variety, DeGennaro pumps out pulsing rock 'n' roll, heartfelt ballads and acoustically intense stomps with a Midwestern, 'John Mellencamp' feel. Clearly, Some People was created to be more than just a demo for the guitar sound, but recording without outboard effects does ensure that the instrument's primary tonal qualities shine through. Check out DeGennaro Guitars for a great example of how his custom instruments sound, as well as for the high-quality singer/songwriter style of rock that DeGennaro espouses.


Bill has been around music all his life. His family is full of musicians. His great-grandmother played everything from piano to stringed instruments. His mother has been a singer most of her life and his father was a harmonica player. Louie, his oldest brother, played the sax as did his third oldest brother, Jim, who played in the army band and professionally in studios and opening for big name acts. Fred, the second oldest brother is a great jazz guitar player playing in the West Michigan area professionally. The youngest brother, Tom, plays bass guitar and is a teacher like his oldest sister, Rita who was a dancer. Since Bill had been singing all his life, he found that playing the guitar was a great accompaniment instrument, and began working with guitars after high school - and has done it ever since.

DeGennaro's band is unusual in that most instrument makers don't seem to do much with music of their own. It is very real music, and will be promoted fully and performed live as a feature whenever possible. There will also be more releases in the future, as DeGennaro has many more of his songs waiting in the wings.

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