The Undiscovered: Dean Hall

Dean Hall


Blues Rocker Races Towards Slide Guitar Fame

The last place you might expect to find blues guitar talent would be around the infield at NASCAR race. But guitarist/singer Dean Hall (he's worked as a jackman on a Winston Cup team) pours out carloads of muscular blues on his submitted four song CD-R. He has an impressive pedigree too; his father is country music singer Tom T. Hall. Dean, for his part, favors jarring, hell raising riffage and songs with titles such as "My Baby's A Pig (But I Love Her Just The Same)". He does like writing, as did Tom T., in a storytelling style, injecting humor and irony into his compositions. Guitar fans who like aggressive, guitar-oriented blues will no doubt clamor for Hall's upcoming, full-length CD release, to be delivered from his imposing 220 pound athlete's frame with a deep, burnished tone, spirited slide savvy, and distinctive vocals.


A former University Of Kentucky linebacker, Dean played guitar through grade school and high school, always playing blues-rock in some band or another. His mother, Hootie McKinney (a drummer) bought him a drum kit when he was only 4, and he got his first guitar at age 6. Dean initially worked for his dad as a roadie, but finally got to open a show, playing some Waylon Jennings tunes. He later became a member of both Bobby Bare's and Marie Osmond's road bands. Dean's debut CD in 1994 was entitled "If You Play Another Country Song (I'm Gonna Have To Kick Your A..)". His second CD was entitled "The Ghost Of James Bell" and received a nomination as Best Blues Album at the Nashville Music Awards ceremony. Dean recently placed a song ("Chiseled In Stone") and landed a role in the DreamWorks film "The Last Castle", starring Robert Redford and James Gandolfini.

Hall is currently writing songs for his upcoming CD and working on his career as an actor and musician.

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