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Dayjob Orchestra


Soliciting Progressive Instrumental Fans

Unsolicited Material is almost a solid hour of progressive rock from a Canadian group called The Dayjob Orchestra. Intensely guitar heavy, the music has an aggressive, live-in-the-studio feel, where core members Peter Swann (guitar), Michael Thorne (drums) and Chris Robertson (bass) toss out virtuosic musical performances up, down and over the fifteen, mostly instrumental tracks. "Madness" opens the CD with shattering bursts of notes and percussion, laying the groundwork for the musical overload to follow. "Deal With It" opens with the most famous expletive in the English language shouted over a baby's cries (you read that right), then lays out funky rhythms and head-snapping riffs. "Planetarium" offers some of the more melodic material to be heard from this band, whose CD is bound to be a favorite with listeners who value over-the-top musicianship.


Guitarist Peter Swann is one of the most talented musicians in the Toronto area. A songwriter, engineer and producer, as well as being an amazing player, have made him quite "in demand". His vast musical talent is surpassed only by his devotion to it. Peter's claim to fame is that, also being a guitar teacher, taught Adrian Lifeson, son of Rush's Alex Lifeson, the ways of the axe.

The Dayjob Orchestra wants to share their music with as many musicians as possible (their CD has been described by many as 'music for musicians'), and is planning a European tour sometime next year.

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