The Undiscovered: David McCullough

David McCullough


Jazz Artist Plays For The Fun Of It

El Paso, Texas guitarist David McCullough submitted his CD-R recording, David McCullough Trio,> a straight-ahead jazz album he recorded in 2003 with Rene Sandoval (alto sax) and Agapito Sanchez (percussion). The six instrumentals have a nice, laid-back feel, many featuring Brazilian or bossa nova rhythms and harmonies. McCullough trades many of the melodic lines with Sandoval, generating a solid accompaniment when not called upon to solo or carry the main theme. The faster tempo tracks such as "Impressions" and "Scrapple From The Apple" contained the most harmonic interest and quality solo ideas, but his CD-R was enjoyable from start to finish. McCullough's single-minded devotion to jazz certainly helped him make a compelling album.


David started playing guitar at the age of ten, taking lessons with various local instructors and studying mostly classical guitar. However, on his thirteenth birthday, his parents bought him an electric guitar. The classical guitar was never seen again. For the next five years, David worked on learning how to play rock guitar. In 1987, he attended G.I.T. in Hollywood, and while there, started listening to jazz. Ever since that time, David has spent all his time studying jazz.

McCullough's musical direction these days has everything to do with having fun and playing what he hears.

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