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David Gillis


Zen-Like Approach To Fingerstyle

This must be Melodic Canadian Invasion month, as guitarist David Gillis submitted Wish Where You Are, an instrumental acoustic fingerstyle recording dripping with melody, a variety of influences, a well-chosen cover tune (Metheny/Mays' "James"), compelling original tunes and sparklingly clean production. This CD is an instrumental companion to Gillis' 2001 singer/songwriter release, entitled, "When You've Got A Dream", which happened to also feature three instrumental tracks. Guest artists on Wish Where You Are include world champion harmonica whiz Carlos Del Junco, Narada recording artist Don Ross on slide dobro, Mark Dunn on acoustic bass, David O'Neil on drums and Warren Stirtzinger on Frisellian Danlectro. Folks into acoustic fingerstyle played with verve and skill need to look for Gillis' latest CD - you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Born in Hamilton, Ontario as the middle child hidden in the camouflage of six kids amidst a family of musical extroverts, David grew up fighting his way through school as he was usually the smallest in each grade. Not very interested in school, he liked to daydream, draw pictures and write his musings during classes. That's probably where David first discovered the thrill of tying a thought, a melody and an emotion into one bundle. This process is no different than the inspiration for the music he loves, where the listener is transported into a kind of dream state, conveying surreal ideas and emotions. David's work has been included in Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine, he has played on the main stage at the prestigious Chet Atkins Appreciation Society and won the Gamble Rogers Fingerstyle Guitar competition.

Gillis officially endorses Beneteau and Gibson/Epiphone Guitars, LR Baggs Pick-Ups and AER acoustic guitar amplifiers. He regularly stirs and engages audiences with his impeccable performance, quirky humor and deep, thought provoking lyrics.

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