The Undiscovered: David Bloom

David Bloom


Guitarist Seeks Music Industry Position

David Bloom is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from California who submitted a three song CD-R demo in the rock or pop/rock format. The first two songs ("At First Sight" and "Step Out The Way") also feature Bloom's signature electric guitar solos - fat, sustained, melodic six-string forays that compliment the songs they seek to enhance. The third song, "Lost & Found" features what sounds like backwards guitar, which offers a change of sound from the first two numbers. The songs are all solid pop/rock numbers, and Bloom can perhaps use his demo as leverage into a position in a working band in order to achieve his musical goals.


Music has been a major focus of David's life since the moment he picked up a guitar at age 12, and it has always taken priority throughout high school, college, work and his personal life. David attended the University of Massachusetts as a music minor, and also attended the Berklee College of Music from 1995-1998, studying music theory, classical and jazz harmony, voice, guitar, piano, jazz and pop arranging, songwriting, film scoring and more. While attending Berklee, he also gained experience as a live sound engineer.

Bloom's ultimate dream is to be an artist, as his mind works best when it's let free to create what it dreams. But he also has many other strengths that he can apply to the business side of the music Industry, and he feels his ability to learn is one of his best assets.

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David Bloom
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