The Undiscovered: Dave Caulkins

Dave Caulkins


Original Blend Of Acoustic and Electronic Textures

Waves Of Expression is the new CD from guitarist Dave Caulkins which blends acoustic and electric guitar textures on eight tracks of light jazz fusion and Latin rhythm and blues. Using the ocean as an inspirational backdrop, Caulkins' music ebbs and flows along a jazz-inspired rhythmic 'coastline' while melodies that create subtle variations of mood throughout, punctuate and flavor each 'seascape'. Improvisational moments are also accommodated via Caulkins' listener friendly guitar solos and even the occasional flute solo (check out "Mission Blues" and "Sunday's Best"), provided by Bill Bachlor. Waves Of Expression is a release well-suited for instrumental guitar lovers seeking the sunny side of the genre.


Raised in northern California, Dave cut his musical teeth on early '60s artists such as John Hartford and other folk artists. He is entirely self-taught, learning to play 5 string banjo and later, guitar, using a traditional three-finger picking style. Dave was influenced by singer/songwriter James Taylor, who inspired him to begin writing songs. Later, his musical interests expanded as he found a new love in Latin, funk, soul and R&B, inspired by artists such as Santana, Malo and Tower of Power. Dave continues to use a three-finger picking style, blending all his influences when performing and writing his own original music.

Caulkins is now working on his second album, which will include catchy lyrics and music, set to a folk-jazz theme. He hopes to take full advantage of the Internet to market and promote his music.

Contact Information

Dave Caulkins
P.O. Box 6265
Chico, CA 95927
United States