The Undiscovered: Darren Stroud

Darren Stroud


Dedicated Guitarist Plans Solo Instrumental Project

Indiana area guitarist Darren Stroud is working on a new instrumental solo project and submitted a two-song demo cassette consisting of two tracks, "Beaches" and "Disturbed". Influenced by guitar great Randy Rhoades, Stroud has developed his technique to an advanced level -- it's apparent he listens to himself when he plays -- and he's rapidly developing his own voice on the guitar. While both demo tracks display considerable speed and dexterity, the second piece ("Disturbed") is a real original, featuring sudden tonal changes, bombastic forays, exotic scalar passages, mind numbing flurries -- all on one track. Keep a close eye on Stroud's career, he's sure to be going places.


Originally attracted to the visual aspects of music at age 7 through bands such as KISS, Darren eventually picked up the guitar at age 12 because of the way the instrument looked and sounded. He spent many hours every day practicing until at last he felt he could really express himself with the guitar. Since that time, Darren has been trying to achieve recognition in the field of music, whether through his band, Excursion, or through various solo, studio, or recording projects he has been a part of. Darren is also taking voice lessons to better his vocal technique and to help him become a more melodic guitar player.

Stroud is currently working on another solo instrumental project and also a more song-oriented CD release with his band. He feels if his music can be recognized in a bigger musical arena, he will have succeeded in inspiring others.

Contact Information

Hollywood CA 90028
United States