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Danny Morris


Live At The Key West Bar

We don't review DVDs here, so we're treating the new Danny Morris DVD, Danny Morris Live!, as any other audio release - but it is a concert length DVD with all the goods. The DVD features 18 great examples of high energy surf rock, captured live in front of the usual cast of drunken sailors, made guys, sun-burned tourists and fallen angels (not sure about the sailors, actually). It's a rollickin' good time as Morris mixes reverb drenched instrumental tracks (about 11) with vocal numbers such as "Twistin' Kristin" (a true story!) Morris uses plenty of rockabilly and boogie-woogie influences to pepper his surf-and-turf, and chooses wise covers such as "Pipeline" and the Beatles' "Please Please Me". Don't miss one of the highlights, the pounding "Flight School", with enough rapid double picking for even a jaded surf guitar junkie.


Danny developed his R&B chops in Greensboro, N.C. in the '80s with harpist David "Driveway" Moore's band The Messengers. His next venture was The Blue Note Special, which concentrated more on blues and won the Piedmont Blues Society's Talent Contest in 1988. While playing area venues, Morris's talents impressed the former Muddy Waters sideman Bob Margolin and Saffire's Ann Rabson, who recommended Morris to The Nighthawks' co-founder, harp ace Marc Wenner. In 1993 The Nighthawks recorded one of their stellar live performances and the result was the critically acclaimed CD "Rock This House" which features Morris' amazing guitar virtuosity ranging from blues, funk, jazz, and rockabilly. Danny released his first album in 1996. "I Won't Worry" was a mix of surf, jazz and old-school rock and roll. Two years later, he came out with "Storm Surge". His 2001 release, "The Golden Prize", mixes ska ("No One Knows Virginia"), samba ("You're Mine," "Our Moon") and '50s era rock ("Twistin' Kristin") with surf classics like "I Only Have Eyes For You" and "Pipeline."

Morris is also a graduate of Full Sail College earning a degree in Audio Engineering in 2003. In addition to his DVD, new releases are slated for 2006, most notably a huge collection of official "bootleg" recordings fans can check out online at the band's website.

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