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Over The Edge Instrumental Rock

Over The Edge is the title of the instrumental hard rock CD now available from the Danny Jones Band. Danny Jones, out of the San Francisco Bay area, has mastered intense/terrifying modern guitar technique, so together with Jeff Young (bass) and Dave Tweedle (drums), the band cruises through nine instrumental tracks highlighted by guitar playing that matches speed with precision. Jones' guitar solos will impress all skeptics; on tracks such as the blazing "Over The Edge", the tones are fierce and the playing top-notch. Another smoking number is "Bring It On", which features a Jeff Young bass spotlight section. He is also able to keep first-take solos (such as on "Dreams Of Tomorrow" and "You Did Me Wrong" which were completed with recording time Jones won in a contest) which are both hot-wired and listener friendly. Fans of instrumental hard rock will love Over The Edge; Jones takes the freedom he gets from the instrumental format and runs with it - over the... edge!


Danny has been playing guitar since the age of 12. He was inspired to start playing after watching childhood friend Larry LaLonde of Primus play Van Halen songs on his electric guitar. Danny played in various rock and top 40 bands since the age of 14, and in his late teens he had the privilege of studying under guitar legend Joe Satriani. Danny is also a two-time Best Of Bay award winner. Each year he had instrumental pieces chosen out of a field of over 600 bands (99% of which were vocal songs). Danny has appeared in Guitar World magazine and Guitar For The Practicing Musician.

Jones is currently fronting his own band and preparing for his next CD. He is also planning on investing in a Pro Tools system for recording.

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