The Undiscovered: Daniele Bazzani

Daniele Bazzani


Percussive & Melodic Fingerstyle

Truss Roads is Italian fingerpicker Daniele Bazzani's new instrumental acoustic solo CD, featuring seven original tracks and eight classic fingerstyle tunes, arranged by Bazzani. Bazzani, who used to play electric guitar with an Italian rock band, is completely unplugged here, delivering advanced tonal patterns, percussive playing, and a melodic sense reminiscent of players such as Alex De Grassi and Chet Atkins. The recording is clean and Bazzani's shimmering guitar can be heard quite clearly. He's really a talented fingerstylist who knows how to show off his talent while simultaneously giving the listener a supremely musical experience. Even guitar fans that are not that familiar with fingerstyle guitar will appreciate what Bazzani can do with the instrument. Highlights include the Tommy Emmanuel inspired "Dannato Fingerpicker" as well as the opening track "Settembre". Great job.


Daniele has dedicated himself almost completely to the study of the acoustic guitar, transcribing and playing the music of artists such as Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Tommy Emmanuel, Alex De Grassi, Billy McLaughlin, Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Marcel Dadi and Thom Bresh. He spends a lot of time studying open tunings and innovative techniques applied to the acoustic guitar, composing original music, and searching for a better solution to amplify his guitars; the study of the Atkins/Travis style lead him to the 2001 Nashville CAAS, international guitar festival dedicated to the great Chet Atkins. In 2002 and 2003 Daniele held master classes on the Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed styles at the Soave and Sarzana international guitar festivals in Italy and on July, 8th, 2003 he opened the 19th Annual CAAS in Nashville.

Bazzani is an official endorser for Elixir strings, and he currently writes for Chitarre, the Italian musical magazine dedicated to guitarists.

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