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Daniel Rossall


English Instrumentalist Seeks Record Deal

Through My Mind is the title of 17-year-old Daniel Rossall's fourteen song demo CD-R, and it probably represents some interesting ideas for the future, but probably should have been developed a lot more before sending out to try to land a record contract. Like many guitarists, Rossall probably got interested in writing songs just after he started playing guitar. But just as you wouldn't send out your hand-written themes from grammer school to get a book deal, you shouldn't send out your first couple of original tunes out to try to secure a record deal. Consider the first 40, 50, or 100 tunes you write and record as just part of the learning process - and keep them between yourself and close confidants. Sending out work prematurely has the unwanted effect of closing a lot of doors, when what you want to do is get doors open - and keep them open. The production on the CD-R is, for the most part, extremely rough, so Rossall also needs to woodshed on his recording equipment - or hook up with a like-minded engineer/producer type. Rossall likes mixing up styles and grooves within a tune, which shows that he is going the extra mile to be original. Keep working, keep trying, keep growing.


Daniel, from Lancashire, England, has been playing guitar for almost five years. He has been writing tunes since the age of 14 ("Horizons" was written at age 14), and his songs are designed to allow the listener to create images in their mind/. Daniel hopes one day to become a performing/recording artist, and work with many different artists from a variety of musical genres. He has been doing some session work lately, playing songs from Abba, the musical Grease, and other oldies, but considers it great experience.

At the moment, Rossall is trying to get a band together to perform his vocal songs, as well as trying to get into a band as a bass player(?!) He is also sending his CDs all over the world in an attempt to get signed.

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