The Undiscovered: Craig S. Snyder

Craig S. Snyder


Howe's This Rock/Fusion?

Craig S. Snyder is a wickedly fast guitarist who melds his own style in the tradition of axemen such as Greg Howe, Scott Henderson and John Finn. A musician living and working in central New York, his four song demo CD-R is designed to showcase his writing and soloing abilities, which are substantial. His demo includes a cover of "Cause We've Ended As Lovers", which demonstrates the soulful side of his playing, while originals such as "CPF" are perfect for the blistering fast runs and tremendous six-string work he is known for in his area. "Nowhere Left To Go" is a mid-tempo number which offers a wide range of solo spots for Snyder, and well may be the 'pick of the demo'. Hopefully a full-length, professional release is in the very near future for this talented New Yorker.


Craig is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved to central New York, near Rochester in 1981. He is a well-known teacher and guitar technician in the Rochester area, and he teaches thirty-five students each week. One day each week, Craig teaches at the Hochstein music school in downtown Rochester, whicih is a complete school of music and dance with over 1200 students. He has done many studio sessions for up-and-comers in the Rochester area as a producer and arranger. Craig was the recipient of a Berklee College of Music scholarship in 1984. He currently has a fusion project band called Headlines and a classic rock band The East Side All Stars. Craig also endorses Aslindane guitars, the ESP (fusion model).

Snyder can currently be heard on a CD for Lion Music which features a musical tribute to Ritchie Blackmore, and is also working on securing endorsements.

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