The Undiscovered: Craig Mauro

Craig Mauro


Spacey Jam Rock

Shadows In Light is guitarist Craig Mauro's second full length CD, filled with a wide range of instrumental rock guitar settings. The CD maintains a kind of 'space rock' feel throughout the various pieces, probably because of the heavy use of delay and the guitar tone, which sounds as if the Boss effects Mauro favors were recorded direct to the board (i.e. creating a 'super' overdriven quality to the tone). Softer tracks such as "Hourglass" change the mood from the heavy, biting guitar found in "Above All Limits" and the title track. The only area we'd love to see improved is the string bending -- some of the quarter-tone or half-tone bends don't quite meet their target, while other bends up to non-key notes sound out of place. Mauro strikes us as a dedicated axeman, and he is probably going to continue to improve quickly.


Craig, from the Bronx, NewYork, has been playing guitar for seven years, while working on all original instrumental music. His influences range from Joe Satriani, Metallica and Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Craig's first CD was entitled "Variety Of Experiences" and featured ten instrumental compositions with grooves that swam like the ebb and flow of the tides. It's remarkable that with such a reletively short time on the instrument that Craig has applied himself so fiercely to recording his music, but that shows the determination of this confident young man.

Mauro's musical goals include making music that many people can listen to, while delivering a great variety of sounds.

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