The Undiscovered: Cosimo Erario

Cosimo Erario


Fusion Guitar Meets Ethno, Funk & Hip-Hop Grooves

World is the name of the new fusion guitar CD from Germany-based guitarist Cosimo Erario, which vibrates with Mediterranean sounds and solar harmonies over ethno, funk and hip-hop grooves. Entirely instrumental (except for the pointless rap in "Hale Bopp"), Erario has teamed with 6-string bassist Andre Cayres and electric pianist Wolfram Schmitz, who help humanize the sequenced rhythms. The ballad "Vento Africano" features some of Erario's smoothest playing and one of his favorite guitar solos. The funked up "Hale Bopp" offers some blazing, wah-wah soaked leads that show off Erario's guitar skills over an energetic track. This CD has a first for us here, a one minute track ("...Di Questi Anni...", the seventh track) of complete and total silence. The verdict... kind of a downer. Overall, an ambitious, contemporary sounding effort for Erario, who has plans to do a number of guitar project, each quite different in style from the others.


Cosimo, born in Italy in 1968, started playing guitar when he was 8 years old. His father was his first teacher, and his first guitar book was a jazz method from the '60s. Cosimo then gigged with several rock and fusion bands while taking private jazz guitar lessons. He has attended guitar seminars by Mike Stern, Joe Diorio and Pat Metheny, and workshops with Michael Landau, Frank Gambale, Andy Timmons and many others. Cosimo currently teaches guitar in Germany, owns his own recording studio, and has performed many studio assignments on the guitar. He is also working on his first book for the guitar, which may be ready in the fall of 2003.

Erario's next project is an acoustic CD with guitar and voice in the Neil Young style, except with crazy acoustic guitar. He has also produced a pop CD in which he sings three songs in Italian, and two lounge music recordings, which he hopes to either have a label release, or will release himself.

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