The Undiscovered: Collaboration Element

Collaboration Element


Appealing To The Emotions & The Intellect

Collaborating with drummer Jason McIntosh and calling the project Collaboration Element, guitarist Greg Jones submitted a CD-R of tunes in the instrumental progressive rock/fusion style patterned after Liquid Tension Experiment and Dream Theater. The eight songs, entitled The Science Of Music, (including two 10 minute plus epics) features the duo combing dynamics and melodies with technical musicianship and creativity. Here's to the quick death of the stick-on CD label because not all the tracks on the CD-R would play, but the initial tracks on the album displayed Jones' excellent command of the fretboard, a keen melodic sense and a kind of progressive-friendly slickness that would tend to hook skeptical or jaded fans of the genre into giving their music a spin.


Greg and Jason initially collaborated on the material for The Science Of Music by writing and sequencing everything on synthesizers and then working out the rest of the parts, attempting to appeal to both the emotions and the intellect. But because progressive rock is not well received in the Dayton, Ohio area, the duo decided to part ways. Greg later started a new band called Greg Jones and the G-Men, who are playing progressive rock instrumentals. He will be releasing his second instrumental
rock CD entitled "String Theory" later this summer, and is currently writing a new progressive rock album, a concept album, with Greg on vocals. His goal is to play challenging music that touches both musicians and non-musicians alike, and he names his major musical influences as Eric Johnson, John Petrucci, Richie Kotzen and Scott Henderson.

Jones works full time as a help desk technician at Easylink Services, is a part time music director at Hope Church, teaches guitar on the side in the Dayton, Ohio area and is pursuing a Computer Science degree at Sinclair College.

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