The Undiscovered: Colin Hoover

Colin Hoover


Improvisational Instrumental Guitar

One is Pennsylvania axeman Colin Hoover's instrumental CD-R recording, nine tracks of rock and fusion which display a hefty amount of skillful improvisational guitar moments. Hoover's aim was to reach the general public, but regardless of intentions this is a shred guitarist fan's album. Hoover has immense talent on the instrument, and can rip out lengthy, high-speed, spontaneous solos with ease (examples: "Expresso Perpetua", "A Monk's Madness"). Tracks such as "The Sinister Pharoah" take a slower, more cinematic approach, but even it features a lightning quick, wah-wah freakout on the outro. Hey man, when you have the ability, you might as well use it! "Eye Of The Storm" is a nice track that displays Hoover's progressive influences and features a sensitive improv on the outro solo. Hoover performed, recorded and mixed the entire project, and the bottom line? One is definitely for six-string fanatics, sure to keep them in 'air guitar' heaven.


Colin was born and raised in Philadelphia, and began playing the guitar at age 12 after hearing bands such as KISS, Aerosmith and Van Halen. Progressive bands (Yes, Rush, Genesis) caused him to focus his direction and practice incessantly. Mostly self-taught, Colin has studied jazz with guitar virtuoso Jimmy Bruno and rock with Greg Howe. He has performed in various bands and really feels at home on stage. Colin currently performs with Funkin'DoMe, a modern heavy alternative band with progressive tendencies.

Hoover's future plans include a progressive metal album, an ambient soundscape album and a commercial vocal album, as well as more instrumental works highlighting the guitar. He is currently shopping his work to record labels and also working towards a position as a studio musician.

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Colin Hoover
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