The Undiscovered: Code 3

Code 3


Rhythmically Intense Jazz Fusion

Code 3 is a new jazz/fusion band comprised of guitarist Jeff Miley, bassist Doug Shreeve, and drummer Eric Wells. Their debut release, a full-length CD self-titled Code 3, is the culmination of a two year process. The bulk of the recording was done on two different days in a concert hall with a big stage and great acoustics. The band set up on stage as if they were going to be performing a concert and recorded two or three takes of each song, picking the best one for the CD. The recording was given some extra color by the wonderful keyboard playing of Jeff Babko, and some additional guitar tracks by Jeff Miley. Miley's playing, in particular, graces Code 3 with thoughtful, cliche-free linear excursions, unexpected melodic leaps and imaginative chording which draw the listener in, delivering a nice balance of atmosphere and aggression. In addition, bass fans take additional delight in the numerous bass solos by Shreeve which adds to the sonic variety and color.


Code 3 was formed by three musicians who realized that they shared a common goal: to create jazz fusion music with rhythmic intensity, broad harmony, and most importantly, momentum. Jeff Miley has been part of the L.A. music scene for many years. A player well versed in many styles, past performances have included everything from the Tokyo International Chamber Music Festival to the Hollywood Jazz Festival, numerous college appearances, and scores of club dates. His guitar prowess has been the subject of review in magazines such as Guitar Player (Demo Of The Month) and Gendai (Japan). Jeff released an original project in 1995 entitled "Suburban Alphabet" on Rhombus Records.

Code 3 is currently searching for domestic and/or overseas distribution for their debut CD.

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