The Undiscovered: Clarelynn Rose

Clarelynn Rose


Blending New Age, Folk & Celtic

Offering melodies and compositional complexities that lend themselves to repeated listenings, Elegant Tern, by California fingerstylist Clarelynn Rose, is a CD that soothes, uplifts, and paints wonderful images in the minds of her listeners. Taking advantage of the advice and feedback of acoustic guitarist Alex de Grassi, Rose has developed a sense for orchestration and dynamics in her solo instrumental works. She credits the influences of John Renbourn's music for injecting a Celtic influence into her folksy, new age style. All of her pieces use alternate tunings, which are carefully documented in the liner notes of Elegant Tern. Fans of relaxing acoustic music would have no problem getting into Rose's music - it's a great yin to the yang of some of the more aggressive fingerstyle work you hear these days.


After losing her other instruments (viola and harp) in a fire, Clarelynn taught herself guitar, but then stopped playing for ten years after her guitar was stolen. She picked it up again in 1999, and has dedicated herself to touching people's hearts with her music. Clarelynn is a forester and a Buddhist, and tries to bring influences from those aspects of her life into the music. The original tunes on her two albums, "The Redwood Sidthe" and Elegant Tern, reflect her unique life experiences in the woods, in China, and at the Buddhist monastery. Clarelynn has performed in northern China, Taiwan, California, Illinois, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

AHaving played an Acoustic Guitar Showcase with Alex de Grassi in December of 2002, Rose was inspired to do more live shows and play with other musicians. She'll also be working to produce her third CD in the next year.

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