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Chuck Schiele


Excellent Guitar Work Supports Rock/Pop Release

Chuck Schiele has gotten plenty of critical praise for his songwriting, his lyrics and his message. But you probably wouldn't be reading about his CD, Chuck Schiele & The Mysterious Ways, here unless there was something happening instrumentally, specifically with his guitar. Schiele, out of San Diego, is also a talented six stringer, as his previous contribution to the instrumental project compilation "Enough Talk" demonstrated. Flowing fingerpicking, rhythmically inviting acoustic work and luscious electric guitar lines support his introspective songwriting, and the man has the mettle to include four wonderful instrumental tracks on what is essentially a pop/rock offering - how rare is that? Guitar fans will check out the instrumentals "The Great Big Ballad Of Tommy Leggett", "Celestial", "Dorothy" and "Three Kings" before perusing the profound messages found in songs such as "Dig" and "Poor Little Rich Girl". A plateau breaking album.


Chuck's career began with a group called The And, a four piece "kill 'em and eat 'em" guitar rock band. As he puts it, "I'm most comfortable in guitar bands." They had a nice run for about seven years playing San Diego and Los Angeles venues. After that group, Chuck started Modern Peasants, which went on to receive solid critical acclaim, regionally. They enjoyed the better part of four years playing San Diego and Los Angeles venues. This group took the guitar band idea and added classical violin and afro-percussion into the mix. Both experiences brought successes for airplay, endless gigging, sharing bills with national touring acts, recording and favorable review. The Mysterious Ways began when Chuck began writing the "mysterious" project at the turn of 2000. By October of the same year they began recording at PHPromusic, under the encouragement of the Melissa Hague Talent Agency.

Currently, Schiele is promoting his latest CD, while undertaking a new project referred to as the "Gandhi Method", a modern sounding three part vocal and acoustic guitar project with the much revered San Diego producer/artist Sven-Erik Seaholm, and Scott Wilson, another extremely talented singer-songwriter.

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