The Undiscovered: Christian Nyman

Christian Nyman


Hard Rock Guitarist Seeks Recognition

Another Scandinavian guitarist who is blazing an instrumental trail is Finland's Christian Nyman. He sent in an eight song hard rock demo entitled Weird, and the music (all recorded, sequenced and/or played by Nyman, except for one bass part) cruises along in the style of Joe Satriani, albeit a bit heavier for the most part. He also can shred in a metallically classical style, as he does in his homage to Bach, Mozart and Pachelbel called "Chasing Ghosts". For a demo, the musicianship is high, but it would be great to hear Nyman recording with a band, since his production behind the guitar is thin and takes away from the power of the music. We'll probably be hearing a lot more from Mr. Nyman.


Christian started out learning drums at the age of eight, and received his first electric guitar at age twelve. His early influences were Anthrax, AC/DC and Extreme, and later got into guitarists such as Jason Becker, Joe Satriani and Mark Knopfler. Christian is completely self-taught, but did take some instruction in order to learn how to read music. He spends his time now writing more songs, and would love to record some really heavy stuff, but needs to hook up with a singer and a real drummer.

Nyman has a degree in forestry, but he would like nothing more than to be recognized for his music, and hopefully get signed, either as a member of a band, or as a soloist.

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Christian Nyman