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Chris Manning


Music Creating An Uplifting Ambience

Chris Manning is a New age guitarist, composer, and session player whose latest CD, The Road Back, combines unique instrumental textures with reflective melodies to paint exotic musical images. Featuring Manning's crisp guitar work and the keyboard stylings of Christopher Sanderson, the CD is rich with stirring melodic passages and lush arrangements. The guitarist never overplays; his outbursts of speed (as found on "Mystic Dreams", among others) are purposefully limited and timed to deliver maximum emotional impact. If you liked Craig Chaquico's Higher Octave acoustic releases, but wouldn't have minded a little electic guitar in the mix, you'll find Manning's release to be just what you're looking for. The Road Back truly showcases both his songwriting and guitar abilities.


Chris' background includes spending two years touring and recording with the rock group Divinity and the Dallas group Savant. He is also a founding member of Faithbomb and has done acoustic performances with Dmitri Thomann and Faithbomb vocalist Rob Colwell. Other career highlights include opening for King's X, Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy Timmons, and Dangerous Toys, as well as playing with Whitney Houston and David Chastain bassist Dave Harbour. Chris is also involved with N.A.M.T. (National Association of Music Therapy), an organization founded in 1998 whose purpose is the progressive development of the therapeutic use of music in rehabilitation, special education, and community settings.

Chris is currently working on a new retrospective album due out for release in May, 2000. It will encompass the last six years of his career and feature his signature New Age instrumentals as well as his guitar work from Faithbomb, Divinity and Savant.

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