The Undiscovered: Chris Dunnett

Chris Dunnett


Musically Captivating Acoustic Blend

Featuring fiery, melodic, acoustic music which blends styles such as flamenco, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Latin and neo-classical, Chris Dunnett's CD El Samuraichi is a world music guitar treat. Mood-driven and musically captivating, the songs take you to places such as old New Mexico and Morocco, and also give the feeling of numerous cantinas and marketplaces in Latin America. The strongest musical influence may perhaps be flamenco, but Dunnett uses his imagination, skill and knowledge of other styles to give the songs a personal touch. The energy level of the ten instrumental tracks is consistently high, a bonus on lyrically melodic material. Fans of artists such as Strunz & Farah and Ottmar Liebert will warm up to Dunnett's music immediately - however, all acoustic and world music aficionados need to pay attention to this artist's work.


Chris began playing on the acoustic guitar at the age of thirteen, and started writing songs almost immediately. He has appeared in and received great reviews in numerous magazines both in the U.S. and internationally, including Recording and Music Connection. Chris has received radio airplay in Germany, Greece and the U.S. In 1991, Chris was chosen among eight guitarists nationwide to audition for Lita Ford's band. He also has several independent releases with various band projects, and has scored music for two films. Chris has received recognition for his guitar playing from Ritchie Blackmore, Lita Ford, Cinderella, Exodus, Lizzy Borden, and John Stix of Guitar magazine, as well as a number of guitar virtuosos.

In addition to being a teacher of guitar technique and theory, Dunnett considers himself to be a perpetual student, constantly learning as much as he can about the instrument in order to improve.

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