The Undiscovered: Chris Brian Gussa

Chris Brian Gussa


The Flamenco Surfer

A true melding of styles, Arizona guitarist Chris Brian Gussa's instrumental CD-R release, Full Moon In Cancun, exhibits an overriding Latin-Flamenco feel (on acoustic guitar) with electric surf guitar added for effects and solos. As a former San Diego surfer, Gussa takes that experience and rolls it into his music - the variety of guitar tones, whammy and twang being key to delivering on the near-visual experience that the music promises. Highlights include "Moonlight Mambo" and the title track, and as Gussa states, "This is the perfect music for dreaming, working, kickin' back, or going down the road - some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear." Now how can land-locked North Carolinians argue with that?


Chris grew up near the Tijuana border of Mexico in San Diego, California, learning to play guitar at the age of six and was beginning to have a preference for blues guitar by the age of ten. By the age of 16 he won a KGB radio contest for the title of "Best Blues Guitarist in San Diego". He has played in almost every genre of music known since, says Chris, "I didn't have a chance, and they got me while I was sleeping! When I was about six (1955), my Dad helped me build a crystal radio set. I used to fall asleep with the little earphone in my ear listening to Mexican stations, which came through loud and clear being so close to Tijuana. I am convinced that as I slept, this beautiful Mexican music got into my subconscious. One of the stations always signed off saying something in Spanish followed by the most beautiful and fastest lead guitar scale run I had ever heard in my life! They singed off at midnight and I would always sit up wide-awake after the run was played. I had just been given my first guitar and would try to repeat the scale every morning when I woke up. Although I never knew the players name I literally learned the run in my sleep and I think I tried to put a little of that scale into all my music every since."

Currently, Gussa is playing and producing a lot of bluegrass, and would love to hear his music on a major surf movie soundtrack.

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