The Undiscovered: Chevrons



Blend Of Rock, Soul & Blues

Everyone in the United States has gassed up at Chevron station at one time or another as we've criss-crossed the country in our Volkswagen Magic Busses. Did you ever think you'd hear a CD from the company band? Pretty soon the Microsofts and the Starbuckers will be hittin' your local pub. All seriousness aside, distancing themselves from the oil riggers and fuel pumpers is still an ongoing challenge for this British quartet, whose CD, Get Up And Dance, features tracks which meld blues, rock and soul into an energetic mix. The Chevrons feature the guitar work of David Galt, who keeps it real with his driving leads and beer chuggin' rhythms. Good time, guitar-oriented rock and roll - check 'em out at one of their many club/pub/festival dates the next time you are in the Middlesex area.


Originally from Kilbirnie, Ayrshire in Scotland, guitarist David Galt is the band's visionary with a remarkable creative drive and is constantly working on several projects simultaneously. An exceptional guitarist, producer, arranger and songwriter, Davey is equally at home with rock, funk, blues, jazz, and pop and just about anything else that crosses his path. "I was surprised at the low standard of musicianship in many bands when I first came to London in the eighties, meeting singer Terry Sullivan in 1984 was a breakthrough. The bands today appear to be a lot more creative and adventurous." Very few guitarists like Davey play the entire guitar. Using his fingers instead of a guitar pick for greater speed and control over the fretboard, he adds deft twists of the volume and tone knobs to shape the notes as he's playing them and further bends sounds into a rubbery tangle with his controlled cruelty on the whammy bar.

Whatever the occasion, whether it be a beer festival, private party, or at one of their pub/club gigs (over 100 gigs in 2006), including The Astoria, The Globe, 100 Club, Eel Pie Club or The Standard, everyone will be wanting to get up and dance.

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