The Undiscovered: Charles Brown

Charles Brown


An Abundance Of Guitar Styles

The music on Charles Brown's CD-R Mystics could best be described as a collection, because without knowing in advance, it's doubtful one could guess the album wasn't a compilation of instrumental guitarists, all contributing one track each. Each song is as different from the previous as it can be. Brown covers country ("Put Your Boots On"), Pat Metheny-style jazz ("Final Ascent"), hard rock/metal ("Blackjack"), classical (Bach's "Sarabande"), funk ("Funk It Up"), and progressive ("Sunrise Serenade") -- as stated, very few styles don't receive some airtime on Mystics. Brown is a fiery player, delivering bursts of guitaristic energy that rear up in tunes such as "Black Earth Jam" and the aforementioned "Blackjack". If your tastes run to experiencing all the tones and moods of guitar-based music in one 60-minute listening session, give Charles Brown's music a chance.


Charles has been playing guitar for over 25 years, and he has spent over 15 years in various bands traveling throughout the west in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Arizona. He has a degree in music and audio engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver. At the present time he is also involved with the new age group Ana Soundscapes. Charles also writes a classical guitar column at the instructional site "Chops From Hell".

Brown wants to get exposure as a solo instrumental player as well as to do more instructional work. Mystics could serve a good purpose in that role as a musical resume or business card. Brown would also like to get involved doing soundtrack and audio for video work.

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Charles Brown
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