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Chad Morris


Young Prodigy Explores Jazz

When you're 19 years old and you've already been playing the guitar and piano for almost 14 years - well, let's just say you have a leg up on your peers. A strong family musical influence got California musician Chad Morris on the right track from an early age, and now it appears it is paying dividends. He submitted a three song instrumental CD-R demo, done up in the George Benson jazz style, and the material really shows his maturity on a number of instruments in addition to guitar - keyboards, saxophone and bass. Morris also dabbles in electronic music (under the name Green Glaze - someone here had that; it can be cured with penicillin), but with this much ability in jazz, it would be a great idea to focus, and continue to put out awesome sounding tracks per his demo. Good stuff.


Chad was born in 1986 in Los Angeles; at the age of 4 he started playing a little toy piano, at the age of 5, his father gave him a small scale acoustic nylon stringed guitar. His father exposed him to Coltrane's hard bop, piano players like Joe Sample and Ramsey Lewis, avid straight ahead jazz, and exceptional guitar players like Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Earl Clue, Jonathan Butler and others. Little Chad knew all of the greatest jazz musicians as well as their songs at the age of 8. In high school he rekindled his desire to play guitar passionately. He began studying on his own; using the knowledge he had of the piano to help propel him through his guitar study. Over a 3-year period were 6-hour days of nonstop playing and study. Chad later played John Coltrane solos on the guitar, which was a challenge that would keep him motivated to progress. He recently graduated from the recording arm of the Musician's Institute, and used the knowledge to record his demo CD-R.

Morris is currently unsigned and working fervently to make his name known. He can now play the bass, guitar, piano, soprano sax, and violin. Morris is only 19 years old, so his progression onward will be something to marvel.

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