The Undiscovered: Cathy Horner

Cathy Horner


Fingerstylist Blends Jazz, Folk and New Age Influences

Combining a joy for music making with a fresh fingerstyle technique, Cathy Horner's CD They Don't Bite features ten acoustic, mostly solo pieces that exude enthusiasm and shimmering sound. Largely instrumental (there are two vocal numbers), Horner's guitar rules the roost, as it should; she pours decades of experience into her playing. Using string snapping, harmonics and percussive elements to add dynamics to the pieces, the jazzy/folk material is always captivating and melodically, never fails to rise above the embellishments. They Don't Bite will please the casual fingerstyle enthusiast, as well as provide plenty of inspiration for the guitarists in her audience, who can pick up plenty of ideas from her work.


Cathy has been playing guitar for over 20 years starting at the age of 14. She has two brothers that play as well, and her brother Mark produced They Don't Bite. Cathy is a regular on dozens of radio stations, and was an interviewed guest on WCVE's (NPR) the Electric Croude. She performed at the 1999 Guitar and Other Strings series hosted by WCVE and Virginia Commonwealth University Music Department. Recent song awards include those from the Mid-Atlantic Song Writing Contest and VOCAL.

Horner's goals include discovering a growing audience for her original music, and the guitarist plans to continue to compose music, perform and record more CDs.

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