The Undiscovered: Carl Verheyen

Carl Verheyen


Releases New Acoustic Solo Guitar Album

Responding to a serious demand for solo acoustic guitar music from his live audiences, guitarist Carl Verheyen has released his new CD, Solo Guitar Improvisations. Featuring fifteen songs of nothing but solo guitar and one composition ("Partington Cove Suite") which features the layering of 11 guitar tracks for an orchestral effect, the CD rewards the listener with edge-of-the-seat improvisational work, Verheyen's technical mastery of the instrument, and his passion for evocative melodic touches. The concept for the CD sprung from the couple of numbers that Verheyen would perform alone at his live shows, which led to the inevitable question about the existence of a solo guitar album. At long last, Solo Guitar Improvisations gives Verheyen's fans an aurally challenging (and utimately satisfying) acoustic collection from a guitar master.


An L.A.-based studio musician, Carl has played on countless television shows and movies. He joined the group Supertramp in the mid-'80s as their lead guitarist, and recently toured with them for their 1996 reunion tour and album. Solo Guitar Improvisations is Carl's sixth solo album, following his previous release, "Atlas Overload", in which he demonstrated his trademark versatile guitar playing and shines the spotlight on his kalidescopic talent. Even with more than 30 years of guitar playing experience, Carl has been referred to many times as one of the "10 best guitar players you've never heard of." That's never stopped Carl in the past, and certainly won't prevent him from releasing more wonderful guitar music in the future.

Verheyen continues to tour anywhere from four to seven months out of the year while maintaining a steady stream of studio work.

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