The Undiscovered: Carl Clark

Carl Clark


Blues To Country, Jazz To Rock

Engaging in what he calls "musical guerrilla tactics", guitarist and songwriter Carl Clark, from Louisville, Kentucky, offers a CD of infinite musical styles, entitled Strangely Delicious Stew. Since a stew is usually a broad and personal mix of meats and veggies, the title could be considered appropriate - you're likely to be hearing a rock instrumental one moment and a country twangfest with vocals the next. We found the instrumentals to be the true toe-tappers and ear-perkers from the CD -- "Neurotransmission" and "Space Chicken" being two examples -- they just seemed to work a lot better in the context of the album. Clark uses a variety of electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, resonator and banjo on the CD, so there is plenty of sonic variety along with the stylistic gumbo. It would be interesting to see what Clark could come up with in a collaboration with a vocalist, or perhaps in an instrumental release. The pot's overflowin' -- it's time for yer vittles!


Carl mostly plays guitar (all varieties), and can plunk down a little piano when asked. He claims to be a singer-songwriter and can stay remarkably calm when such claims are questioned. Carl has a fascination towards the relationship of the normal to the absurd. He likes to write about the inside of the outsider, the under-belly of the over-achiever, and the effects of love on the unaffected. Carl's not sure where this all comes from, but perhaps he's just an innocent bystander with a guilty mind.

Anyway, remember the name. Carl Clark. Remember the CD. Strangely Delicious Stew. And, as always, Carl thanks you for listening.

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