The Undiscovered: Buster Gibbons

Buster Gibbons


Instrumental Mayhem From UK Shredder

UK guitarist Buster Gibbons sent in his demo CD-R, which features eight all instrumental hard rock numbers - heavy on the shred. Gibbons favors rapid-fire picking, structured guitar harmonies, Pentium-speed lines, rippling neo-classical runs, two-handed work and crunchy rhythms. "Raging Bull", "Dark Kingdom" and "Slammin'" are all propulsive rock numbers; a perfect showcase for the guitarist's intense soloing. "After Midnight" is a blues number which starts out slow, then climaxes with furious leads. "Crazy Camel" is an extremely brief Arabic/Moroccan flavored ripper that features some brutal double picking. All in all, a good sounding demo from this young English musician, who probably only needs to round up some like-minded band members in order to have a fuller sound and attract more attention.


Buster is from the Medway Towns in the South of England. He began taking guitar lessons at the age of seven after falling in love with the instrument, due to the volume of rock videos on television at the time. After years of practice, Buster started his own teaching business at age fifteen. Through forming two pop/rock chart style bands, he gained recording, gigging and writing experience. So, at age nineteen, he decided it was time to record his first solo album. Buster counts among his influences Andy Timmons, Racer X, George Lynch and Joe Satriani.

Gibbons hopes to land a recording contract with a pop band, do some session work, and ultimately, to replace Zakk Wylde when he hangs up his strap.

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Buster Gibbons
United Kingdom