The Undiscovered: Bryon Thompson

Bryon Thompson


Contemporary Acoustic/Electric Instrumentals

Discovering his dream guitar, the Godin A6, led to Indiana guitarist Bryon Thompson's first release in ten years. The self-titled CD-R release features eleven instrumentals that hit the listener like a cool breeze, with clean, shimmering electric tones alternating with a slightly overdriven sound or a purely acoustic flavor. At times, Thompson likes to offer several distinct tonalities in the same piece, as he does in "Intro/Gloss", firing off a warning shot consisting of edgy electric lines, then settling in with melodic, acoustic textures. Similar to players such as Lindsey Buckingham and Leo Kottke, Thompson never uses a pick, whether playing electric or acoustic. His CD-R offers a positive message and some motivic and eclectic guitar explorations.


Bryon has played acoustic guitar almost exclusively for 20 years, but after discovering the Godin, he rapidly incorporated the sound of this hybrid electric and acoustic into his sound. He works full-time as a freelance illustrator but his love for creative and unique instrumental guitar music led him to pursue the idea of recording his songs using the latest digital technology and his Macintosh computer. Bryon's influences range wildly from Preston Reed to Todd Rundgren, but the common thread is his fingerstyle approach to playing.

Thompson thoroughly enjoyed the creative process with this CD, and he is anxious to begin his next project as fresh ideas seem to be endless.

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