The Undiscovered: Bruno Teodori

Bruno Teodori


Neo-Classical Metal Demos From Italy

Italian guitarist Bruno Teodori submitted his three song neo-classical demo, entitled simply Demo 2002. Recorded with a vocalist and full band, the three songs are quite similar to the music found on a number of Yngwie J. Malmsteen's recordings. Teodori is a highly skilled guitarist who has mastered every Malmsteen lick and trick - you have the high speed, double picked, low-to-high runs, the pedal licks, the sweeping - in short, you'd have trouble determining that you were actually listening to a different guitarist (he even looks like Malmsteen). The compositions are also arranged in the 'Rising Force' style, with similar chord progressions, keyboard arrangements and vocal stylings. The music is perfectly executed; the only problem is there isn't an original element to be found.


Bruno started playing guitar at the age of 16 (13 years ago). He started out playing music from Bon Jovi, Europe and Deep Purple, even though he was listening to classical music. Bruno joined a few cover bands, but was frustrated by his inability to introduce his original music to the audience. He recorded his first neo-classical demo in 2000, called "Evil Temptation", which consisted of five instrumental tracks and two vocal numbers. That led to his new demo, which was recorded in a professional recording studio, with a full band.

Teodori's future plans included finding a record deal and to get as many contacts in the music industry as possible. He will continue to compose his own music and send it to record companies with the hopes of stimulating interest in his work.

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Bruno Teodori