The Undiscovered: Britt Burch

Britt Burch


A Clear Vision Of Speed

After a run through of the tracks on guitarist Britt Burch's CD-R, entitled Speedivision, you'll quickly realize one of the sources for the album title - his lightning quick runs and speedy melodic forays. Honed after a couple of years at Boston's Berklee College of Music, Burch's technique is stellar, and he's counting on his self-produced, self-played, self-composed and self-recorded EP to open some musical doors. He's got a really nice vibrato, and a sense for melodic phrasing, which helps distinguish his playing from so many others. His heavy instrumental music demands a powerhouse group of musicians though; perhaps hooking up with some like-minded keyboardists or drummers in his area might be the best place to start. Continuous refinement of his tunes and recording skills can only help him to achieve his goals.


Britt started becoming aware of the guitar at six years old. Inspired after hearing Metallica, he started playing and practicing relentlessly at eleven years old. During his teen years he played with a few bands and friends. After high school, Britt enrolled at the Berklee College of Music, attending from 1998-2000. The school provided him with a new world of musical and guitar knowledge. Britt has terminal guitar fever and loves it. He is currently studying classical/flamenco guitar privately with world-renowned classical guitarist Lily Afshar (a student of Andres Segovia). Britt recently completed work on an instructional video for the web site.

Burch now lives in the Memphis area, teaching guitar, and is now ready to be noticed and further his career as a musician and a guitarist. Realizing it can be a difficult profession, he would love to have his dream of becoming a professional, full time guitarist come true.

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