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Guitar Company Releases Instrumental Artist Collection

Just released from Brian Moore Custom Guitars is a new CD, entitled Artists Collection, Volume 1, which aims not just to entertain, but to introduce the listener to the wide variety of tonal possibilities of the company's high end guitars. The project is the brainchild of Brian Moore president Patrick Cummings, who plays guitar and/or produces on thirteen of the CD's fourteen cuts. Also featured on the album are guest spots by Russ Freeman, Jimmy Vivino, John Abercrombie, Al Pitrelli, Nick Moroch, Ravi, Michael Cummings and Tom Doyle. The music is a guitar lover's dream, ranging from blues to fusion, country to jazz, even hard rock, yet never indulges to excess. Strong melodic playing abounds, but each fiercely talented guitarist is allowed sufficient solo space to stretch out and really perform. In addition, each tune on the CD features details on the guitar models and equipment used, as well as comments on the piece.


Patrick is founder and President of Brian Moore Guitars, and a founding member of the JIM PIN Band. His guitar playing covers a broad range of styles including jazz, fusion, country, rock and blues. He is self-taught on guitar, mandolin and bass. He is currently an active session player, songwriter and producer. His brother, Michael Cummings is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and another founding member of the JIM PIN Band. He has done extensive studio work with a variety of artists in the New York area.

Cummings anticipates that Artists Collection, Volume 1 will be the first in an ongoing series of releases designed to demonstrate the quality of their high end guitar and bass line, while presenting original music .

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