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The Power Of Dissonance

Gutted is the 1994 release from the Florida-based Brian Loyd Band, led by guitarist/composer Brian Loyd. The nine song CD features heavy instrumental excursions interspersed with an occasional acoustic solo piece ("Gutted", "Bionca Fiore"), displaying Loyd's technical ability and versatility. The overall sound on Gutted is challenging and fresh due to Loyd's use of dissonance and microtonal bends throughout his compositions. "Unto The Tribe" and "Dain Bramage" contain seductively off-kilter single-note guitar lines augmenting a corrosive rhythmic fury. Look to both "Consecrated For Ceremonies Of War" and "Running Amok" for prime examples of blistering guitar solos and demented harmonies. Assisting Loyd on Gutted were drummer Greg Gall and bassist Rich Alter.


Brian began playing guitar at the age of 10, while living in Miami, Florida. The appearance of Eddie Van Halen in 1978 fueled his desire to dedicate more time to learning his instrument. After moving to Tampa Bay, Brian became interested in heavier music and played in several heavy metal bands. He also earned an Associates degree in music composition and studied classical guitar performance under Adam Holzman at the University of South Florida. Brian recorded his first release (on cassette) in 1991, entitled Guitaronics. In 1994, Gutted was released, which pays tribute to Brian's heavier influences.

Loyd's next effort will follow a more subtle, yet complex approach to composition with some heavy elements, but not to the extent contained on Gutted. He is planning to release many CDs in the future, all unique in style and compositional concept.

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