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Brian Gladstone


Analogue Guy Trapped In Digital World

Back To The Dirt is the title of the amalgamation of acoustic fingerpicking and storytelling which make up the fifteen songs on Brian Gladstone's debut CD. The guitarist has taken the influence of the '60s, combined it with the wit and insight of a master lyricist, and recorded the entire project without the use of electric instruments. Guitarists will appreciate Gladstone's talents for fingerpicking and acoustic flat picking while enjoying his creative and insightful lyrics about modern day topics--delivered with the sounds of the '60s, of course. Highlights on Back To The Dirt include "Car Song", "Don Valley Parkway Blues", "Children Sleep In Snow" and "Who Killed Betty Two Shoes". A true acoustic treat.


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, this child of the '60s indulged in the folk music sounds of Joe and Eddie, Phil Ochs and Gordon Lightfoot, among others. Brian counts Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake and Doc Waston as some of his strongest musical influences. Brian has performed his original material in and around the Toronto area and delivers a weekly performance at Studio K's, where three cuts from Back To The Dirt were recorded live. Brian's composition "Don Valley Parkway Blues" recorded by the Acoustics still gets air play on CBC after many years.

Gladstone continues to promote his latest CD, most notably with a promotion to win a visit from Gladstone himself to your hometown if you correctly identify all the heads which adorn the cover of the album. Visit his web site for details.

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