The Undiscovered: Brett James Phillips

Brett James Phillips


Music Unlimited By Categorical Distinctions

Phoenix guitarist and luthier Brett James Phillips submitted a CD-R containing 12 instrumental songs which cover a range of music styles, including acoustic, rock, trippy acid, and more. A serious player, Phillips uses both electric and acoustic guitars and a number of effects devices and/or recording techniques to create unique and diverse textures of musical expression. He has hand built his own instruments and recorded his music in his own studio. As evidenced by the songs on his CD-R, Phillips values highly the improvisational aspect of music, taking a number of chops-happy, jammy excursions over the sequenced backing tracks. "Painted Desert", for example, has a soaring theme, followed by a long, rock'n'classical harmonized improvisation. On Phillips' timeless acoustic tracks, you'll find some beautiful pieces of music.


Brett started playing the piano at age seven and picked up the trumpet and tuba while in high school. He first picked up the guitar at the age of nineteen, and also learned how to build and design acoustic and electric guitars at the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery. Brett started his own business in 1991, teaching private guitar and bass lessons as well as customizing and repairing stringed instruments. He also co-founded and helped operate the Cellar coffee house, largely as a music venue specializing in the development of new talent.

Phillips has plans to continue to play as a solo guitarist in the Phoenix area, building a fan base as well as helping other artists record their original music. He intends to keep writing, recording and performing his original compositions while remaining independent to maintain artistic control. Phillips has a 21-song acoustic CD planned for an April 1 release in the Phoenix area.

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Brett Phillips
1426 E. Utopia Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85024
United States

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