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Bostjan Leben


Slovenian Delivers Sonic Treat

Wu - Wei, the latest CD by Slovenian guitarist and composer Bostjan Leben, may be difficult to categorize, but world, jazz, new age and Far Eastern may be some terms one can use to describe the instrumental music on the album. A duet with saxophonist Lado Jaksa, Leben uses his acoustic and classical guitars to deliver enchanting, cleanly articulated, melodic moments on tracks such as the opening "The Gateless Gate". In a more experimental vein is "Koan", which features electric (e-bow) guitar in a haunting improvisation recorded live - as the entire album - with no overdubs. One reviewer wrote, "They are the kind of musicians who don't seek to be liked and yet are accessible to the great majority of people." Even if you are hesitant at first, it might be worth opening your ears to the music of Bostjan Leben.


Bostjan is a man devoted to music 24 hours a day. Otherwise, he is known as world traveler, lecturer and music teacher, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and music monk. He was lost many times in Nepal, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook's Islands, Middle East, North America and Europe in the last ten years. The main reason for Bostjan's traveling was (and still is) a new musical experience. He is devoted to composer John Cage and Zen philosophy. Highly regarded as a guitarist in Slovenia, he recorded two records (nominated for best instrumental records of the year) with his experimental music group Veronica. Bostjan has also collaborated with many other Slovenian artists. His two previous solo releases were entitled "Saute Surmadi" and "Aphrodisiac" (the latter a collaboration with vocalist Anita Kay showcasing his various interests, from rock, jazz, pop, world music to ambiental moods).

Leben's recent work also includes music for films and theatre.

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