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Boobie Browne


Finger-Plucked, Multi-Genre Electric Instrumentals

Featuring a little funk, some rockabilly, surf, blues, fingerstyle jazz, country two-step, 70's arena rock, and a heaping helping of hospitality, Boobie Browne's CD-R Birth Of The Chickenpick features ten instrumentals performed on electric and acoustic guitars in a finger-plucking style. Supported by his backup band, The Onions, the music covers a wide spectrum, so fans who love cross-genre and multi-genre guitar music will eat this stuff up. Browne is one of a handful of guitarists who is able to inject a sense of humor into his instrumentals, but it wouldn't work unless the guitar playing was also a cut above. It is - so on Birth Of The Chickenpick you'll experience a group of tracks that'll burrow into your psyche like a tick on a moose's neck.


Boobie was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada to an extremely supportive family who always dug deep to lend him the money to buy his instruments (and yes, sometimes his supper). He learned how to play on stage with whoever would have him, and eventually became a part of the local hot blues scene. Now living in Toronto, he is playing around town either with The Onions, or with his partner in crime, Katherine Heartburn, on piano and guitar, with whom he will be relocating to Montreal in the Fall of 2003. He is learning French and Spanish, and hasn't had a cigarette in almost a year.

Browne was picked also picked as a top-five finalist in the 2003 North American Rock Guitar Competition, part of the Buffalo Niagara Guitar Festival held annually in Buffalo, New York. He placed 4th in a field of great players.

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