The Undiscovered: Bobby Lindstrom

Bobby Lindstrom


Inspired Guitar Over Beatlesque Songcraft

Guitarist/vocalist Bobby Lindstrom delivers righteous blues-rock on A Lick And A Promise, a nine-song CD-R release described as "rich in Beatlesque songcraft and inspired electric guitar playing that falls somewhere between Billy Gibbons boogie and Rolling Stones grit." His lead vocals containing the prescribed amount of bluesy gruffness and dark hues, Lindstrom's Les Paul commands the rest of the attention, as he lays out searing, tube-driven solos over the all-original material. Lindstrom's bassist Sam Densmore produced, engineered and co-mixed A Lick And A Promise, even co-writing "Dirt For God" and "What Did I Do?". Also contributing significantly to the music were drummer Roy Eikamp, keyboardist Doug Randall and sax man Paul Biondi. For an album that epitomizes guitar-driven blues/rock music, track down a copy of A Lick And A Promise.


A native Oregonian, Bobby is a blues influenced rocker who has been playing guitar and singing for over thirty years. He's performed all over the West coast with artists such as Big Brother and the Holding Company, Clarence Clemmens, Henry Vestine of Canned Heat, and most recently as a solo artist sharing the stage with sax man Paul Blondi.

Lindstrom is currently seeking performance opportunities and booking for the fall of 2003.

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Bobby Lindstrom
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